Sandy Denny

I'm A Dreamer

Sandy Denny

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I'm A Dreamer

	  		               D            A 
You make me nervous when I see you 
    G                                 D          Em 
I can't imagine what it's like to be you 
         Fm       G      A 
It's a mystery to me everyday 
          G      D        Em   A 
And I've got to get away 

         D              A 
I put a bet on with a bookie 
         G                         D           Em 
For the race they put on over in Kentucky 
      Fm             G       A 
It's lovely at this time of year, so they say 
          G     D          Em   A 
And I've got to get away 

             Em            D 
But I'm a dreamer and you know 
        Em             G         D 
I'm a schemer with an eye for a show 
             G                  D 
It's my imagination when I get low 
         Em                G             A 
And the truth is I don't think I'll ever go 

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