Samm Cooke

Ain't Misbehavin'

Samm Cooke

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Ain't Misbehavin'

(Andy Razaf, Fats Waller and Harry Brooks)

Introdução: E7 C#m7 F#m7 B7 E A7 B7    

E7      C#m7    F#m7       B7 
No one to talk to, all by myself 
E7      G#7          A7      Am      Am7 
No one to walk with, I'm happy on the shelf 
E7      C#m7   F#m7        B7      E    C#m7 F#7 B7 
Ain't misbehavin,  I'm saving my love for you 
E7        C#m7     F#m7         B7 
Now it's for certain,  the one I love 
E7          G#7           A7          Am      Am7 
I'm through with flirtin' it's just you I'm thinkin' of 
E7      C#m7   F#m7       B7       E    A7   B7 G#7  
Ain't misbehavin, I'm saving my love for you 
C#m7             A7             F#7                        
Like Jack Horner,  in the corner 
Don't go no where what do I care 
F#7       C#m7        F#7    B7        C   B7 
Your kisses are worth waiting for, believe me 
E7         C#m7        F#m7         B7 
I don't stay out late, don't care to go 
E7      G#7           A7      Am      Am7 
I'm home about eight, just me and my radio 
E7       C#m7    F#m7       B7       E   A   Am7 E B7 E6 
Ain't misbehavin', I'm savin' my love for you 

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