Sam Bailey

The Flood

Sam Bailey

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The Flood


Intro:   Am7   Em   F 

verse 1: 
Am7                 C2/E    C/F  
Hope is coming like a flood  
Am7                C2/E   C/F  
Even in the desert it is rising up  
Am7                          C2/E   C/F  
Hearts have found their home again 
Spirit come 

   Am7            C2/E  C/F  
It all comes down to a God of love 
Am7            C2/E   C/F  
Never losing heart, never giving up 
Am7               C2/E  C/F 
Put us on our feet again  
G                   C/F 
Teach us how to dance again 

Am7 C2/E C/F There's enough for everyone Am7 C2/E C/F Let the rain of heaven come Am7 C2/E C/F There is love for everyone Am7 C2/E C/F In.the.flood,.flood,.flood
verse 2: Now we're coming back to life Freedom being born, let the dead man rise We are coming back to life In the flood Bridge: Am7 F It is time to dance it is time to rise Am7 F Time to dance in the flood Instrumental: F Dm Am G

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