Man On A Bench


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Man On A Bench

	  		Intro Riff:  
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e |---3333---3333---0000--------------| B |---3333---3333---1111--------------| G |---0000---0000---0000--------------| D |---0000---0000---2222--------------| x2 A |---2222---2222---2222---3---2---0--| E |-3------2------0-------------------|
G F#/G Em7 C C D verse 1: G F#/G Em7 C C D An old man on a bench sitting there G F#/G Em7 C C D With his hair blowing through the cold winter air. G F#/G Em7 C C D G F#/G Em7 He watches the people roll by with their fancy old suits and their wondering C C D (Main Riff) eyes. verse 2: G F#/G Em7 C C D G He sees business men and working men F#/G Em7 C C D G Tall men, short men, round men. F#/G Em7 C C D G Women with bags and women in rags G F#/G Em7 C C D Children jumping around and children beaten down D C (Main Riff)x2 Why won?t you help these poor people you see? verse 3: An old man on a bench sitting there See him staring and glaring there His poor face is sagged and old and his heart is dark and cold He envy?s our skin and the love deep within Yet he convicts us of terrible sin (Main Riff) D C (Main Riff) Can?t you see this is how we behave? If you don?t approve then go visit your grave. (Main Riff)x2 verse 4: An old man on a bench crying there. Thinking about lying and dying there. Thinks ?bout his wife and his miserable life Hiding bruises and scars with all of his might D C (Main Riff)x2 Trying to look like you and i. how we tries and tries. Verse 5: An old man on a bench dying there. Doesn't even try surviving there He lays on that friend of a bench that keeps his face out of the dirt and the stench. D C (Main Riff)x2 The only thing he ever loved. The only thing he approved of. Verse 6: An old man on a bench still dying there. He shivers from the crying there A dark cloud forms over his eyes as he draws his last breath and finally dies. (Main Riff) D C (Main Riff) It's over. There?s no pain anymore. You?re free. (Main Riff) x2

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