Come On


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Come On

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Intro: E (2x) 

verse 1: 
E                  A  E 
Come on over, baby 
E                           A E 
Walk through my door, baby 
    B                    A   
The room in empty and my heart feels heavy 
Come on. 

verse 2:
E                   A E 
Talk onto me, honey 
E                           A E 
Spill your heart out, honey 
    B                  A 
I'm always here and my ears are clear 
Come on 

verse 3: 
E                           A E 
Come on kiss me, sweetheart 
E                            A E 
Kiss me, kiss me, sweetheart 
         B                     A 
Put your lips on mine. I swear we'll be fine. 
          B                        A 
It's just you and me, so don't you worry, baby 
Come on 

Soft guitar solo over Verse Chords 

verse 4: 
E                           A E 
Soft and gentle, sweetheart 
E                                 A E 
Take it nice and easy, sweetheart 
            B                       A 
Just climb into my arms. There's no need for alarm 
Come on 

Verse 5: 
E                        A E 
A little bit harder, baby 
E                                 A E 
Just go a little bit harder, baby 
E                            A E 
We're picking up speed, baby. 
E                             A E 
Start getting real mean, baby 

Hard guitar solo over E 

Verse 6: 
E                  A E 
Come on over, baby 
E                   A E 
Feed my urges, baby 
      B                      A 
There no one in sight, We've got all night 
    B                             A 
Get real close to me and show you really love me. 
Come on. 

Ending: E (4x) B, A, B, E 

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