All For You


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All For You

Intro: C, Am  (2x) 

verse 1: 
C      Am 
Here I am 
C              Am 
In my darkened room. 
C                 Am 
Cutting my wrists again 
       C                  Am 
Let it flow, It's all for you. 

verse 2: 

C         Am  
There she goes 
C                Am 
Through a pit of flames. 
C                 Am 
Let it scorch her skin. 
                 C                  Am 
She screams, "Oh God. Hold back the rain." 

Dm7 G7 Let me Burn. F Dm C I hope you see. Dm7 G7 F Dm I hope you find the faith in me. C It's all for you.
verse 3: C Am There he stands C Am with bandage over his eyes. C Am Bullets puncture his skin C Am As he stands in front a firing line.
Dm7 G7 Look at him. F Dm Can't you feel his pain? Dm7 G7 F Dm C Is this enough to live again with you?
Break: C, Am x2 Dm7, G7, F, Dm, C (2x) verse 4: C Am There you are C Am In your mansion of the clouds. C Am C Am You look down on us and yell real loud.
Dm7 G7 "None of you F Dm C Dm7 G7 F Dm Truly believe. You don't deserve to be with me." Dm7 G7 C Then he turned around and shut the gates on you and me.
Break: C, Am (2x)

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