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Shadow Of A Doubt Chords


Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by Evans+Hossel

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Shadow Of A Doubt

  		 F#m  E  D  C#m7  F#m 
 Bm                                  F#m 
    I heard your heart, you held it close to me. 
 Bm                                  F#m  
    The wild embrace, the silent sea,  
 E              D      E             Dmaj7  
   a whisper of imagery for Lovers Supreme.  
      F#m E                   D   C#m7    
 But now    I'm lost in the crowd,  
                 F#m   E 
 no shadow of a doubt  
                D   C#m7 
 it's all over now,  
 no shadow of a doubt.  
 You changed the dream. You changed the scenery,  
 the tender touch, the urge to breathe,  
 there under a lovelit sun what's lost could be found.  
 But now, no trace of a sound.... 
     G#m F#               E     D#m7      
 But now,  no trace of a sound, 
                 G#m   F# 
 no shadow of a doubt.  
              E     D#m7 
 I'm faraway bound.  
 No shadow of a doubt.  

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