Dance Away


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Dance Away

(Words by Per Gessle. Music by Per Gessle & Marie Fredriksson) 
 G5                           C5 
  There's a hidden meaning in everything he says, 
 G5                             C5  
  every close encounter, every kiss, every caress. 
               G5                                  C5 
  Even the truth has got that bitter taste of a lie.  
               F5              C5                         G5 
  Well, I can read his lips now  but I can't read his mind.  
                 Em7                 Csus2         D 
  I can see him dance away now oh oh   -   oh oh oh.  
 He was one of the kind that seems so hard to find.  
 There's a change of weather, now he leaves me far behind.  
 That I don't matter to him came as such a surprise.  
 Well, I can read his lips, I thought I read his eyes.  
 And I can see him...  
 Solo: Bb F C (4x)  Em Csus2 D (2x)   
 Gm7                                D#5         F5 
 I can see him dance away now oh oh - oh oh oh... 
Contribuição: João Ribeiro([email protected]) 


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