Call Of The Wild


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Call Of The Wild

	  		Intr. Bm  D  A  Bm  (2x) 
                               D              A                Bm 
 I know her and every notion i get from her i wear inside me 
                              D                  A             Em 
 I know her all of the broken leaves of love she leaves behind 
           G     D            A     Em 
 don't you hide away from the rain, 
         G           D            F#m 
 can you tell me the name of this game 
 I gotta get through to you 
                              D                 A                Bm 
 Behind the door, another wall, a lonely cry, a call of the wild, 
 a dancing daze, an empty face, a crystal high 
   A                Bm                               
 a call of the wild. 
 And there is something that sweeps the dark 
   Em                F#m       A      Bm 
 a lover's dart, the call of a broken heart. 
 Wrapped in the night, behind these eyes, oh hear the cry 
   A               Bm 
 a call of the wild 
   Intr. 2x                
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