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Ron Pope

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	  		This is not in the original tune of the song. 
Capo on 3rd freat ? Standard tuning 

Em                            C   
I've seen sad dark times 
D                                         G 
And I have waited for the sun to rise 

Em                          C 
I've seen sad dark times 
D                      D 
And waited for rain 

Em            C               D                 G 
All I know is whenever I am far from home 
Em                 C                      D              D 
There are nights when words seem out of place 

Em C D G ? Em C D D 
Ba da da Ba da da 

Em                C                 D                         G 
I have walked alone and the stars have tried to guide me home 
Em                  C            D          D 
I have walked alone lost in the fog 

Em           C                      D                   G 
All I find are faded pictures from some distant life 
Em              C                   D               D 
And I wish to God I could see your eyes 

Em C D G ? Em C D D 
Ba da da Ba da da 

C                           D 
I ain't got no magic potion 
Em                    C                D                        G-D-Em 
All I know is that we're better of together than we ever were alone 
Em                        D 
So if you let me try just give me time,  
G                          Em                             D                       D 
Oh woman I will find a way to help you ease your troubled mind 

Em C D G ? Em C D D 
Ba da da Ba da da 

Em                 C                            D                  G 
If the morning comes I'll be thankful just to see the sun 
Em            C            D              D 
But the daylight seems so far away 

Em C D G ? Em C D D 
Ba da da Ba da da 

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