Roger Waters

Broken Bones

Roger Waters

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Broken Bones

G                        C 
Sometimes I stare at the night sky 
G                                     D 
See them stars a billion light years away 
       Em                         C 
And it makes me feel small like a bug on a wall 
G                  D 
Who gives a shit anyway? 
               Em                C   Em  D 
Who gives a shit anyway? 

(Em   D   C) 

   G                 C 
When World War II was over 
G                         D 
Though the slate was never wiped clean 
       Em                         C 
We could have picked over them broken bones 
 G                     D 
   We could have been free 
        Em                  C 
But we chose to adhere to abundance 
   G          C         D 
We chose the American Dream 
    Em D         C 
And oh mistress liberty 
D          G      Em 
How we abandoned thee 
     C      Em   D 
How we abandoned thee 
   Em D         C 
And oh Mistress Liberty 
D          Em     G 
How we abandoned thee 

G                        C 
Could have been born in Shreveport 
     G                     D 
Or he could have born in Tehran 
  Em                  C 
It don't much matter wherever you're born 
       G                 D 
Little babies mean us no harm 
      Em                    C 
They have to be taught to despise us 
     Em                      D 
To bulldoze our homes to the ground 
    Em           D            C 
To believe their fight is for liberty 
    D                                        Em 
To believe their God will keep them safe and sound 
Em        C 
Safe and sound 
Em             D 
      Safe and sound 

(Em D  C) 
(D G) 

G                       C 
We cannot turn back the clock 
G                  D 
Cannot go back in time 
But we can say "fuck you" 
         C               D 
We will not listen to 
Your bullshit and lies 
C           Em         D 
Em   D   C 
     D             Em 
Your bullshit and lies 

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