Robert Plant

Sea Of Love

Robert Plant

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Sea Of Love

Year: 2003 - Album: Nine Lives (Box Set)


I              V7/III 
G               B7 
Do you remember when we met 
VIm                          II7 
Em             Em7/D         A7 
That's the day I knew you were my pet 
I wanna tell you 
II7         I        IV  V 
A7          G        C   G 
How much I love you 
I            V7/III 
G            B7 
Come with me My love To the sea 
VIm          II7 
Em   Em7/D   A7 
The sea of love 
I wanna tell you 
II7            I          IV  I 
A7             G          C   G 
Just how much I love you 
V        IV  V     IV    V7/III    V7      I 
D         C  D      C      B7     D7/F#    G      
Come with me To the sea    Of             love 
(Solo sobre harmonia 1/2 tom acima - G#) 
Contribuição: Leandro Panucci([email protected]) 


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