Rick Trevino

Just Enough Rope

Rick Trevino

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Just Enough Rope

	  		TRANSCRIBED BY JASON BISHOP  [email protected] 
Verse 1 
You've got me wrapped around your finger like a yo-yo on a string 
Playin' games with my heart. And I can't do a thing 
         D                                 D7                      G 
Well you throw me down than you snap me up I'm in the palm of your hand 
        D                                    A               D 
Why you get your kicks doin all these tricks I'll never understand 
                                                G           A         D 
You give me just enough rope, just enough hope, just enough ties that bind 
Just enough love but not enough off security or piece of mind 
            D                                       D7               G 
You give me just enough slack then you yank me back right before I'm gone 
            D                                     A              D 
You give me just enough rope, just enough hope to keep me hangin on. 
Instrumental:D  A 
Well you tell me that you love me then you push me away 
How you're gonna treat me changes day to day 
         D                                                 D7              G 
Well you build me up then you tear me down and when you've got me standin' 
D                                  A                D 
You pull the rug out from under me just to watch me fall 

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