Richard Thompson

First Breath Chords

Richard Thompson

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by jov%2Dcorrea

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First Breath


Intro: D 
       Dm          G 
Let's love what's left 
       F           D 
Last dance First breath 

New friends Hard won 
Old friends Shine on 

     F         E 
The frost is cruel 
     F         E  
And fades the sign 
         F      E  
On that little place 
     Bb      A 
That I call mine 

Let's love What's left 
like new born First breath 

Old star new shine 
Old cup new wine 

Sun rise Moon glow 
Someday We'll know 

Inch by inch 
Word by word 
The lock is sprung 
That caged the bird 

Let's love What's left 
Last dance First breath 
Last dance First breath 
Last dance First breath 

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