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On The Lord's Day Chords

Reuben Morgan

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by jeolb

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On The Lord's Day

  		Intro: A   Bsus4   G#m7    C#m7  (4xs) 


A      Bsus4   G#m7              C#m7 
Make a way     for the love of God 
A       Bsus4  G#m7              C#m7 A  B 
Let the world  know that He is near----  
A       Bsus4    G#m7               C#m7 
Valleys rise and mountains will be moved  
A      Bsus4  G#m7           C#m7 
As our praise rises up to You  
A      B     A/C#     B/D# 
I will pray, I   will pray 


A        B         C#m7-G#m7 
Let Your kingdom come, 
A         B           A-B  
Pray Your will be done 
A       B               C#m7-G#m7 
Nations will see Your fame 
A      B       A 
On the Lord?s day 

Repeat Intro 
Repeat verse 
Repeat Chorus 
Repeat Chorus  

A     B      A       B   
I will pray, I will pray  
A      B    A/C#   B/D# 
I will pray, I will pray 

Repeat Chorus 
Repeat Chorus 
Instrumental and ad lib to end? 

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