Restless Heart

Feel My Way To You

Restless Heart

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Feel My Way To You

Capo on 1st fret
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e|-8h10h11-11--8/11-11--8h10-11h13-13/15-15-15-18-15-13-----13h15-13p11-| D|--------------------------------------------------------13------------| G|----------------------------------------------------------------------| D|----------------------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro: G D Bm A (x2) First verse G D Bm There was a black and white, A G Now I'm only seein' gray. D Bm I was satisfied, A G Now there's just an empty space. D Bm I know only you A E Hold just what I'm lookin' for, G What I'm lookin' for...
G D Bm A Do I pray for sweet redemption? G Bm D A What am I supposed to do? G Bm D A Now do I wait for some direction, G A D Or do I just feel my way to you? Repeat intro twice

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chords Restless Heart - Feel My Way To You
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