Houseboat Babies


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Houseboat Babies

	  		Intro: C 

verse 1: 

C     G   Am 

      C           G    Am 
your body's white lies 

C          G    Am 
fleas on fabric 

                   C       G 
as you close the blinds (close the blinds) 

        C            G         Am 
and say "Pull just a little bit more" 

  C      G       Am 
f-freeze and begin 

Am         G        C             G             Dm       F 
I'm getting so much better with my hands on your skin  

Interlude: C 


G                    F 
Can you feel it? (Yes I can feel it) 

C           G       F 
when I'm at Jenny's house 

Am                    F 
I look for bad ends (Forget your parents) 

C             G      F 
but it's just cat and mouse 

Am           G           F 
well in this part of the city 

where children don't sleep 

can feel it in my bones and my feet 

Am          G         C          G            F 
and in the legs of the women and girls that I meet 

they're attracting me (oh oh ohh) 

Interlude: C 

verse 2: 

C           G   Am 
Now this is me 

    C           G    Am 
a topless young you 

Am            G          C             G        F 
I'm t-t-turning all my feelings into jelly and goo 

oh, but yeah 

Am          G        F 
because it makes me angry 

Am          G        F 
when you are sitting next to me 

Am        G        F 
I came as Cupid, I came as Holly 

G                              F 
specifics never matter when I come into your body 

Interlude: C 

Chorus 2: 

                 G           F 
'Cause there's a fire (fire) in my house 

          G                             F 
but it doesn't really matter 'cause I never out it out 

         G                        F 
there's a hole (hole) in your holey jeans 

         G                     F 
but it makes you so happy that it's always seen 

G                  F 
can you feel it? (yes I can feel it) 

G                     F   
yeah can you feel it? (yes I can feel it) 

C                   F 
can you feel it? (yes I can feel it) 

G                     Am 
yeah can you feel it? (yes I can feel it) 

Sweat, Sweat, Sweat, Human 

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