Rebecca St. James


Rebecca St. James

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You promised me 
     Esus         E 
That You?d never leave 
   Esus2  Esus 
Or let me go 
    C#m         G#m 
You promised me 
That You?d love me through 
     B         E 
The highs and lows 
You promised me 
    Esus           E 
You won?t give me more 
    Esus2  Esus 
Than I can bear 
     C#m        G#m 
You promised me 
That when I cry out 
That You?d be there 

E Bsus The shadowlands are what I know C#m A B So I?m hanging on to Your every word E Bsus The shadowlands surround me now C#m B But You walk with me through the cloud E Into the sun Into the sun
verse 2 E You promised me Esus E If I sow in tears Esus2 Esus I?ll reap in joy C#m G#m You promised me E That You will breathe life B Into my soul Bridge E I know it?s true All that You say I believe in You And I am standing on The promises You?ve made Outro E The sun, into the sun G#m/D# into the sun C#m G#m E You promised me and I believe

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