Ray Lamontagne

This Love Is Over

Ray Lamontagne

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This Love Is Over

Intro: Am7   Em x3 
       D     E7 
Am7              Em 
Goin' out of my mind 
Am7                Em 
Don't even know my own name half the time 
Am7              Em 
How'd I get so blind that I couldn't se 
D         E7 
What was right in front of me? 

Am7          Em 
Wish I was wrong 
Am7                   Em 
I wish that you were right here lyin' in my arms 
Am7         Em 
Deep down inside I got to face the truth 
D     E7 
That you're not comin' home 

Am7       Em 
This looooove is over 
F     E      Am7        Em 
 This love is over 

Am7   Em 

Am7          Em 
God knows I tried 
Am7           Em 
Everything I could to keep you satisfied 
Am7      Em                        D 
Bein' my baby was just a part you played 
It was all some kind of game 

Am7              Em 
And just like a child 
Am7          Em 
Just like a child you got to have your way 
Am7      Em 
Nothin' ventured, nothing gained 
D             E7 
Now there's nothin' left to say 

Am7       Em 
This looooove is over 
F     E      Am7        Em 
 This love is over 

Am7   Em x2 
D     E7 

Am7      G              C 
Baby, I know I'll get along 
Sometimes you got to make it on your own 
Am7                 G                  C 
It's more than my pride that's got me all tied 
Up inside, girl, it's all the lyin' 

F            E 
Guess, It's time to close the door 
F             E 
I don't wanna cry anymore 
F                   E               Am7    Em 
It's just not worth fightin' for this loooooove 
   F         E      Am7      Em 
It's over, this love is over 

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