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I Can't Stop Loving You Chords

Ray Charles

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by ambChile

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I Can't Stop Loving You

  		   	     D                    G                                            D  
1.     	I can`t stop loving you, I`ve made up my mind,  
                                    A                                        D      D7  
                     to live in memory of the lonesome time.  
                          G                                             D  
  	I can`t stop wanting you, it`s useless to say,  
                        A                    A7                         D   G   D  
   	so I`ll just live my life in dreams of yesterday.  
                               D       D7                         G  
2.	Those happy hours         that we once knew,  
                            D                                      A     A7  
    	though long ago, they still make me blue.  
                               D    D7                             G  
  	They say that time     heals the broken heart,  
                                        D     A            A7                 D     D7  
    	but time has stood still      since we`ve been apart.  
3. = 1.     4. = 2.    5. = 1  


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