Rannie Raymundo

Why Can't It Be

Rannie Raymundo

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Why Can't It Be

Intro: G F#m Bm G F#m Bm G A A7 

D             G             F#m     Bm 
You came along  unexpectedly 
Em                        A               D       G      A 
I was doing fine in my little world 
D                                      G           
Oh baby please don?t get me wrong 
F#m                               Bm 
?Cause I?m not complaining 
Em                                   A7 
But you see  you got my mind spinning 

G Why can?t it be F#m Bm Why can?t it be the two of us G F#m Bm Why can?t we be lovers only friends Em F#m G You came along at the wrong place at the wrong time A D G A Or was it me
D G F#m Bm Baby I dream of you every minute Em A You?re in my dreams D You?re always in it D G That?s the only place I know F#m Bm Where you could be mine Em F#m And I?m yours (baby I?m yours) G A7 But only ?til I wake up Just repeat Refrain

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