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A Pound Of Flesh Chords

Radical Face

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by VsWorld

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A Pound Of Flesh


Intro: C Am (2x) 

my feet plow on from light to dawn  
my empty belly and my body aches ain't hard to take  
            G        C 
next to the weight I carry in my chest  
a pound of flesh could never tip the scale that I've made  
                                G         F 
I should have stayed, but I was never wise  
                   G                         Am 
I hear your voices in the wind that cuts the night 
      F                   G                               C 
and I pray to whatever is listening things will be alright 

oh, my boy, you're alive 
your heart's still beating  
   C                         Am 
so don't you mind, don't you mind  
we all drift sometimes 

F                     G                        Am 
I can still hear your feet as you ran from the house 
            F            G  
but knowing you won't be back,  
        Am                    Em 
doesn't mean that I will stop waiting  
F                         G                         Am                 
you told me then: Hold me down or hold me up to the fire,  
              F            G 
but don't you dare hold me back. 

Interlude: C Am G (2x) 

F                G                           Am 
I see your faces in the clouds that scar the night  
      F                  G                               C                
and I pray to whoever is listening things will be alright 

     Am                      G 
then today I wake up feeling easy,  
         C                        F 
and find I'm on the more familiar roads  
        Am               G 
I got a darkness wrapped inside me,  
           C                       F 
but now it ain't so hard to let it go 
   Am                           G 
so keep a candle burning in the window,  
I'm almost home  

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