Rachel Zegler

La Vie En Rose

Rachel Zegler

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La Vie En Rose

	  		verse 1 
G                         Gmaj7 
Hold me close and hold me fast 
This magic spell you've cast 
                  Am D 
This is la vie en rose 

verse 2 
D                        D7 
When you kiss me, heaven sighs 
And though I close my eyes 
                Em D 
I see la vie en rose 

G                         Gmaj7 
When you press me to your heart 
I'm in a world apart 
A world where roses bloom 
Am                        G 
And when you speak, angels sing from above 
Am                    D 
Everyday words seem to turn into love songs 

verse 3 
G                      Gmaj7 
Love has never been my friend 
It always seems to end 
                Am D 
I never see the roses 

verse 4 
D                          D7 
Men, they do give me their clues 
Yet I still end up bruised 
                      Em D 
Wake up and smell the roses 

G                   Gmaj7 
When I see you I go mad 
I feeling never had 
A feeling I should share 
Am                        G 
And all your love makes me feel so brand new 
Am               D 
I am so happy whenever I'??m with you 

Verse 5 
G                           Gmaj7 
Give your heart and soul to me 
And life will always be 
   Am D G 
La vie en rose 

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