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Intro: Bb  Bb(hold) 
Bb Eb Bb Eb Bb Eb Gm G#  x2 

verse 1: 
Bb        Eb 
  i could never do  
 Bb        Eb 
enough for you 
Bb         Eb 
  you took all i  
      Gm  G# 
could give   
  to leave me  
Eb      Bb 
outside in the  
Eb   Bb      Eb 
cold am i supposed 
      Gm   G# Bb 
to forgive?     go 
     Eb      Bb 
your way and i'll go 
Eb  Bb 
mine  there's nothing  
Eb      Gm G# Bb 
left to say     i'm 
better off without 
Bb      Eb 
someone who would 
Bb      Eb          Gm G# 
treat a friend this way  

Bb Eb feeling sorry Bb Eb Bb for yourself i don't Eb Gm F# feel sorry for you Bb Eb search for answers Bb Eb find no answers Bb i don't feel Eb Gm G# sorry for you
Interlude: Eb Bb/D Cm Eb/G G# Eb Eb Fm Gm Dm Bb F Bb Bb Eb Bb Eb Bb Eb Gm G# x2 verse 2: Bb Eb support your cause i Bb Eb Bb never will believe Eb Gm G# a thing you say Bb Eb the taste of dirt Bb Eb inside your mouth Bb it's the dark side Eb Gm G# you can blame Bb Eb search to find the Bb Eb Bb answers that were once Eb Gm G# intelligent Bb Eb Bb now you find your self Bb again all alone Eb G m G# with your new friends (Repeat Refrain) Chorus: Eb the loss of Bb/D Cm hope of the forgotten Eb/G G# dreams i'll get over Eb you some day you Bb/D Cm built this wall around Eb/G yourself and you and G# Eb pushed us all away Eb Bb/D So many song's Cm Eb/G that glorify G# this sickness that Eb Eb Bb/D decay standing still Cm while your hanging Eb/G G# on i'll get over Eb you someday Outro: Bb Eb Bb Eb Bb Eb Gm G# (hold)

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