Would Look Perfect


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Would Look Perfect

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Main Riff e|------------------------------| B|--0--------0-----0------------| G|--------------------------0---| D|--------------2---------------| A|--1--3--5--0-----3--5--8--3---| E|------------------------------|
Intro Prettiboi Chorus C Am It feels so simple Dm G7 Loving, always C Am It feels just right Dm G7 I, can't explain it verse 1 Yeah, Powfu C Walkin' into town, as I cut across the park Am It's rainy every day, maybe I should build a Ark C See you with your friend group, lonely like I always am G Gave a silent wave but, I don't think you noticed it C Thinkin' of what happened as I continue my walk Am I grew up in this town, but somehow I'm feelin' lost G Wishin' I was cool, why does everybody fit in? G7 Tryna make friends so long, it's time I quit this C Word around town, that you hard to get Am I'mma put a end to that, I'mma start some shit G I'll put a spark in it, yeah I don't care what it takes G I'm sick of bein' alone, no longer I'm away (wait up for me) C Yeah, I just wanna chat Am Maybe we can talk, when we both walk back G Side by side on the sidewalk, feelin' nervous G7 If you end up mine, me and you would look perfect, yeah Chorus C Am It feels so simple Dm G7 Loving, always C Am It feels just right Dm7 G I, can't explain it Post-Chorus Dm7 G7 C Me and you would look perfect F G7 Me and you would look perfect verse 2 C Me and you would look perfect Am7 You could keep me by your side, like a purses Cm7 Purpose, I'mma find that with you G7 Everybody wanna talk about your attitude C But that's why I could see through all the problems Am7 Seein' your priorities, I know I'm at the bottom Cm I promise that I'mma be the best for you G7 Like chess moves, you the Queen, I'm protectin' you C Come and walk with me, and we could talk a bit Am I could shelter you, from all the moccasins Cm7 Lotta snakes in the grass where we live G7 It's not much, but I'll give you everything I have to give C My life, my soul, every beat of my heart Am Ain't nobody in the world that could tear us apart Cm7 If you want, we could just slow dance G7 I could hold you forever, I just need once chance, yeah Chorus C Am It feels so simple Dm G7 Loving, always C Am It feels just right Dm7 I, can't explain it

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