Povertyneck Hillbillies


Povertyneck Hillbillies



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	  		Intro- G 

G                 Gadd9          G               D 
Boot leather on a barroom floor, fightin' over a dance hall girl 
G                  Cadd9               G                D 
He pulled a knife, I pulled a gun, and I sent him home to glory 
G                        Cadd9 
The sheriff said son, better go with me 
G                        D 
Give me your gun and come peacefully 
      G                          Cadd9                   D 
I can drop you right here, or you can tell the court your story 

G             D 
Hang me high, hang me low 
They're gonna hang me in the morning 
G              D                C  
Stay away from Jericho, all you rounders, 
(No chord)      G 
I give you fair warning 

G                       Cadd9 
Entered my plea, called it self defense, 
  G           D 
a sober judge sittin' on the bench 
      G             Cadd9      G                  D 
And i stared into 24 eyes of a hard-nosed Jericho jury 
G                        Cadd9 
They called it murder in the first degree, 
    G                      D 
The judge said, son, stand and look at me 
G             Cadd9              D 
Hang him - and may the lord have mercy 

G                   Cadd9 
Thirteen steps to the scaffold high, 
    G                        D 
the whole town's out just to watch me die 
        G       Cadd9         D 
And not one to shed a tear of mourning 
G                         Cadd9 
Please would you honor my last request, 
G                D 
when they lay me down to rest 
        G             Cadd9               D 
Let the epitaph on my tombstone read this warning 

G             D 
Hang me high, hang me low 
They went to hang me one bright morning morning 
G              D                C  
Stay away from Jericho, all you rounders, 
(No chord)      G 
I give you fair warning 


Hang me high...

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