Poets of the fall

Temple Of Thought

Poets of the fall

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Temple Of Thought

Chills come racing down my spine 
Like a storm on my skin 
With shaking hands 
I?ll guide your sweet soul into mine 
Until I feel you within 
And I know 
                           Am     G 
I know that it?s all about understanding 
       F        G 
And I hid it inside 
                Am             G        F 
Your beautiful soul as it?s crying for love 
    G           Am         G 
To conquer the day slowly dawnin? 
   F           G 
I want you to know 
            Am          G          F 
You?re the heart of my temple of thought 

Am                   G               F        G             Am 
     So when you?re restless I will calm the ocean for you 
         G              F       G          Am 
In your sorrow I will dry your tears 
           G            F          G            
When you need me I will be there, low beside you 
Am          G            F       (G) 
I?ll take away all your fears 
Am          G         F     G 
I?ll take away all of your fears 
    Am          G           F  
So you can let go all your fears 

G                           F 
Dreams have nothing on my reality I 
G                      F 
I?m the scent of your skin 
G                    F 
I know where I am endlessly into the sun 
G                    F 
Feel the life, dream within 

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