Poets of the fall

Moonlight Kissed

Poets of the fall

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Moonlight Kissed

Intro:  Em Am C x2 

verse 1 
Em                    Am 
  I see shadow and light 
Stroking the mist 
Em                          Am 
  And I hear voices take flight 
And send out our wish 
Em                          Am 
  Of peaceful dreams on a night 
C         Em     Am   C 
Moonlight kissed 

verse 2 
    Em                               Am 
When  Tendrils of smoke lash the street 
And shamelessly court 
Em                   Am 
  Disguised honey sweet 
To cater all sorts 
Em                       Am 
  And hushed tones all agree 
        C        Em   Am   C 
And the world distorts 

Am             Em 
  Wishing on a speck of dust 
        F#             B 
In this crazy ocean of fate 
Am              Em 
  An echo of a memory 
          F#               B 
And maybe just a little too late 

verse 3 
Em                        Am 
  Fingers of blue on the snow 
Reaching to touch 
Em                       Am 
  The warm light still aglow 
Across the porch 
Em                          Am 
  We watch the scene die untold 
   C           Em   Am   
Outside our window 

Am Em For my words are the salt of lust F# B On that ivory skin Am Em Difficult to hear at all F# B Through the everyday din Am G Dm F What is this if not some witchcraft? Am G Dm Wrapped up widdershins F To lead us all astray G Hook in mouth Em7 Am7 Dm7 On through such webs of lies G7 Cmaj7 Truth's a distant star D In our eyes F G Am Moonlight kissed
Interlude: Em Am C (x2) Verse 5 Em Am New day comes again C And it laughs in your face Em Am Whispering secrets of pain C By all its names Em Am What flame could burn out the stain C Em Am C Of a life misplaced?
Am Em But summer's scent still lingers F# B In your hair Am Em Despite the ache F# B There's magic everywhere Am G Dm F Out the window run rebellion Am G Dm Rapt with all you find F For seeking something new G Em7 Am7 Dm7 Play in the ponds like summer's wind G7 Cmaj7 Fmaj7 Dm7 Dance with the trees melding with mist G7 Cmaj7 D Beyond their flower field like F G Am You're moonlight kissed

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