Poets of the fall

Illusion And Dream

Poets of the fall

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Illusion And Dream

	  		Intro: G#m  C#m  B   F# * 2 

Verse 1 
   G#m       C#m                B            F# 
   Look in my eyes I'll make you see we're drifting aimlessly  
   G#m       C#m             B    F# 
   Blind in a world of make believe  

Instrumental: G#m  C#m  B   F# 

Verse 2:  
   Hear them sing their songs off key and nod like they agree  
   Buying the needs to be discreet  

   C#m                    B               A            C#m 
   I've got no hand in matters worldly, I hardly care at all  
                             B                      A             C#m 
   What's going on fails to concern me 'cause I'm locked behind my wall  
   But you know what drives me out  
   Out of my mind ooh 

   E                      F#                E 
   It's whatever makes you see, makes you believe  
                         F#                       E 
   And forget about the premonition you need to conceive  
                    F#                       E 
   The images they sell are Illusion and Dream  
   In other words dishonesty  

Instrumental * 2 

Verse 3:  
   If I speak ill please, humour me. Won't rant on endlessly  
   Just thought I'd try to make you see  

   It doesn't solve a thing to dress it in a pretty gown  
   A stone will not need you to guess if you're still going to drown  
   So you know what drives me out  
   Out of my mind, oh  



Middle eight:                
    G#m                         C#m 
   So can you name your demon? Understand it's scheming  
    B                             F# 
   I raise my glass and say "Here's to you"  
    G#m                                 C#m 
   Can you chase your demon? Or will it take your freedom?  
    B                             F# 
   I raise my glass and say "Here's to you"  
Bridge (lyrics from the first one) 
Chorus * 2 

Outro: E F# repeats and fades 

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