Poets of the fall

Carnival Of Rust

Poets of the fall

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Carnival Of Rust

Written by Poets of the Fall

Em G Am C D (repeated 3 times) 

---Verse 1: 
Em                  G              Am           C    D 
D' you breathe the name of your saviour in your hour of need 
Em              G            Am               C      D 
N' taste the blame if the flavour should remind you of greed 

---Bridge 1: (played as verse) 
    Em              (G)          Am                 C       D 
Of implication, insinuation, and ill will 'til you cannot lie still 
    Em               (G)                Am          C        D 
In all this turmoil before red cape and foil come closing in for a kill 

Em             Dsus2 
Come feed the rain 
'Cause i'm thirsty for your love 
 Am            G                 Em 
Dancing underneath the skies of lust 
Yeah feed the rain 
'Cause without your love my life 
        Am                G6        C 
Ain't nothing but this carnival of rust 
Am          G6 Em 

---Instrumental (played as verse) 

---Verse 2: 
It's all a game avoiding failure when true colors will bleed 
All in the name of misbehavior and the things we don't need 

---Bridge 2: 
I lust for after no disaster can touch, touch us anymore 
And more than ever I hope to never fall where enough is not the same it was before 

---Chorus, repeated two times (with the last line of the first Chorus as follows): 
        Am                G6        Em 
Ain't nothing but this carnival of rust 

---Middle eight (played as second Chorus - that is; twice, with the same change in the 
line of the first repetition): 
Dont walk away 
Dont walk away 
When the world is burning 
Dont walk away 
Dont walk away 
When the heart is yearning 

Em G Am C D 

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