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Four minutes Chords

Pink Floyd

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by europeu

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Four minutes

  		|: Am   Am7   Gm7   Gm6   :| 
        Am               Am7 
After a near miss on the plane 
Gm7                       Gm6 
   You swear you'll never fly again 
          Am                  Am7 
After the first kiss when you make up 
Gm7                       Gm6 
   You swear you'll never break up again 
  And when you've just run a red light 
  Sit shaking under the street light 
    Am                Gm7                        
You swear to yourself   you'll never drink and  
drive again (Sometimes I feel like going  
home) You swear you'll never let things go by  
again. (Sometimes I miss the rain and  
snow) And you'll never toe the party  
line again (And when the east wind blows 
Gm7                           Bm 
  Sometimes I feel like going home) 
Bm ---------- C7 C6 C 
F                         C 
Goodbye little spy in the sky. 
They say that cameras don't lie. 
Am I happy, am I sad, am I good, am I bad? 


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