Colonel Forbins Ascent


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Colonel Forbins Ascent


I am posting this because I could not find very accurate chords of this song by googling. 

Intro: Ab    A (x3) 

        C#m7                    F#m7          B7                                 E7 
Colonel Forbin stared up at the mountain, and wiped away the beads of sweat that  
glistened on his brow 
    F#m                           C#dim  Bbdim 
His tired feet were buried in the quag___mire 
And his bloodshot eyes saw all that lay between him and fulfillment of his 
Ab      A  Ab 

       C#m7                           F#m7              B7                         E7 
And he felt his fingers wrap around a knotted root, and pull his body upwards to a  
seagreen mossy boulder 
       F#m                              C#dim  Bbdim 
And he dragged his weary carcass up the moun___tain 

       F#m        G          F#m        G 
And he climbed so slowly, he climbed so slowly, 
 A         F        F#m      D 
Ahead (hea-eaaaaaaa-eaaaaaaa-eaaaaaa)  (x2) 

Random Notes (start on Eflat Page and plays a note while simultaneously playing a note a  
half step up, 
walking that up the piano for 4 measures and Trey follows) 

                                     C#          D                      G 
Suddenly he heard the crack of thun__der and the rocks began to crumble overhead 
    A                               C# 
And tumble down the mountain to the dismal swamp that lay beneath the 
D                                        G 
Jagged cliffs through which his path had led 
        A                                C#           D                                  G 
And the earth began to quake beneath his feet and the mighty mountain changed before his eyes 
       A                              C#                                  D 
And he stood amidst a sea of dust and rocks and stones cascading down the mountain 
      G                                  A             C#m7    Bm7 
And a thousand birds were headed for the sky, ohhhhhh 
           G             A      C#m7   Bm7   G             A                  C#m7  Bm7   
The sacred creed will be yours,                 and if you wait 'til tomorrow            
the sacred creed 
        F#m        G     F#m           G 
Will be yours to devour, yours to seize 

       A         F        F#m      D 
And to obey (hea-eaaaaaaa-eaaaaaaa-eaaaaaa)  (x2) 



D    C#m  Bm    F#m  E    D    Ebdim 
Whoa-whoa-whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa 
E    Ebm  C#m   Abm  F#   E 
Whoa-whoa-whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa 

____When the 
C#m7              n                  F#m7                 B7                       E7 
Dust had cleared, the colonel lifted up his head, and was driven to his knees by a  
blazing beam of light 
       F#m                              C#dim  Bbdim 
And he saw the silhouette that stood be-fore   him 
       Am7                                                                Ab 
And he bowed in reverence, trembling in the shadow of the mighty legend's    form 
C#m7                          F#m7 
Icculus, the prophet, stood before his eyes 
        B7                              E7                               F#m7 
Looking down on Colonel Forbin where he shuddered in the puddles and the muck 
                  C#dim  Bbdim 
And he quietly addressed him 

       F#m      G 
And he spoke so slowly, he spoke so slowly, 
 A           F        F#m      D 
Ahead   (hea-eaaaaaaa-eaaaaaaa-eaaaaaa) 
   A         F        F#m      D 
He said (hea-eaaaaaaa-eaaaaaaa-eaaaaaa) 

Funky Random Note Piano/Guitar Walkup Again 

                                       C#             D 
Colonel Forbin, I know why you've come here, and I'll help you on your quest to gain the 
G                          A                                C# 
Knowledge that you lack, I call upon my faithful friend the mockingbird 
   D                                   G 
To find and seize the helping book and bring it to your shack 
      A                                   C#            D                                 
And a tree of knowledge in your soul will grow, and the helping friendly book will plant  
the seed 
      A                                   C#                          D 
But I warn you that all knowledge seeming innocent and pure becomes a deadly weapon in  
the hands of 
G           A               C#m7    Bm7 
Avarice and greed, ohhhhhh 
           G             A      C#m7   Bm7   G             A                  C#m7  Bm7  G 
The sacred creed will be yours,                 and if you wait 'til tomorrow            
the sacred creed 
        F#m        G     F#m           G 
Will be yours to devour, yours to seize 

       A         F        F#m      D 
And to obey (hea-eaaaaaaa-eaaaaaaa-eaaaaaa)  (x2) 

Ending - C#m leading into the next song, Fly Famous Mockingbird (Optional) 

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