Brian And Robert


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Brian And Robert


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C F 2x C G F Same for whole song E-|------------------|-------------------------------------------| B-|----1-1-----1-1---|----1-1---3-3---1-1------------------------| G-|*---0-0-----2-2--*|----0-0---0-0---2-2------------------------| D-|*---2-2-----3-3--*|----2-2---0-0---3-3------------------------| A-|--3---------------|--3----------------------------------------| E-|----------1-------|---------3-----1---------------------------|
This seems to be all that Trey plays for the song C F If you're just staring at your walls C F Observing echoing footfalls C G F >From tennants wandering distant halls C F Then this one is for you All alone the life you lead A silent diner where you feed You bow your head pretend to read Then this one if for you If children playing all around To you is noise, not pleasant sound And you'd be lost on the playground Then this one is for you Slip past strangers in the street There's no one that you care to meet Longing for your TV seat Am Then this one is for you Then this one is for you If you're just staring at your walls Then this one is for you ect.. ect.. Pretty simple, but it's a beautiful song, enjoy.

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