Petula Clark

You And I

Petula Clark

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You And I

( Meredith Wilson)

Introdução: D7M G/D Gm/D D7M G/D Gm/D 
D7M G/D Gm/D                          D7M G/D Gm/D   
Here we are,      on Earth, together, it's you and I  
                         C#4/7/9   F#5+  B7/9+  
God has made us fall      in love,     it's true  
Em5-/7              G#7/9-    C#m7 Gm6  
I've really found someone like  you  
D7M G/D Gm/D                             D7M G/D Gm/D   
Will it stay,        the love you feel for me, will it say  
                                      C#4/7/9   F#5+  B7/9+  
That you will be by my side   to see me through  
D#m5-/7   G#7/9-  C#m7   Gm6 A4/7/9  
Until my            life is   through  
   D#m7         Gm6                            D A  D9/F# C#9/F C9/E B/D#  
Well in my mind, we can conquer the world  
            E7         F#/E       Gm6 A7/9-  
You and I, you and I, you and I  
D7M/A G/B Gm/A#                       D7M        Em7 Gm6  
I am         glad,       at least in my life, I found someone  
                                 C4/7/9    F#5+  B7/9+  
That may not be here forever    to see me through  
  D#m5-/7   G#7/9-     C#m7   Gm6  
But I found     strength in you because  
Em7     Gm6                         F#m7 Ddim B7  
In my mind, you will stay here always,   in love  
           C7        D7/A# D#7/B  G#7/C  
You and I, you and I  
         E7M G#/D# G/D F#/C# F/C  
You and I  
         Bm7 E7/9  A7/9+  
You and I,  
           Am6/9                E6 D6  C6  
In my mind we can conquer the world  
C5+              F#6 F#5+  
In love, you and I  
     B4/7/9    B7/9+  
You and I  
            C7M G6 F#m7  
You and I  
B4/7/9  E7M/11+  
You and I 

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