Ask Him In


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Ask Him In

   E                        A 
Now that you've heard the music  
Where do you go from here 
         A                           B 
You see music only takes you to the place  
Where you're ready to hear  
E                                   A  
We could sing and tell you we love you  
And you could say it wasn't true  
     A                           B 
But how can you say that about a man  
Who died for you  
A G#m Jesus is holding out His love to you A E But He made it so that you have to choose A G#m How can you walk away empty again F#m B When you know that you've got nothing to lose
E A You could probably think of a reason E To wait until another day A B But the spirit is speaking, telling you E Today is the day E A Jesus gave His life as a ransom E Was crucified and laid in a grave A B But He rose again and made a new way E For man to be saved Repete Chorus

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