Peter Murphy

A Strange Kind Of Love

Peter Murphy

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A Strange Kind Of Love

	  		(intro 2x)  Am   C  Em  D 

Am                 C 
A strange kind of love 
A strange kind of feeling 
Am      C           Em 
Swims through your eyes 
Am           Fmaj7 
And like the doors 
To a wide vast dominion 
Am       Fmaj7      Em 
They open to your prize 

Am           C 
This is no terror ground 
Em                 D 
Or place for the rage 
Am         C 
No broken hearts 
            Em      D 
White wash lies 
Am                    C 
Just a taste for the truth 
         Em                 D 
Perfect taste choice and meaning 
Am       C        Em 
A look into your eyes 

(bridge) D  Dm7 (D 5th)  G (D 7th) 
         D  E (D 4th)  G (D 7th)  Dm7 (D 5th) 

Am           C          Em 
Blind to the gemstone alone 
A smile from a frown circles round 
Am         C                Em 
Should he stay or should he go 
Am              Fmaj7 
Let him shout a rage so strong 
A rage that knows no right or wrong 
Am         Fmaj7           Em 
And take a little piece of you 

Am                   C 
There is no middle ground 
Em                 D 
Or that's how it seems 
Am         C         Em       D 
For us to walk or to take 
Am                 C 
Instead we tumble down 
       Em            D 
Either side left or right 
Am      C      Em 
To love or to hate 

(outro) D  Dm7 (D 5th)  G (D 7th) 
        D  E (D 4th)  G (D 7th)  Dm7 (D 5th) 

( Am  C  Em  D )  (4x) 
( Am  Fmaj7  Em  D )  (2x) 

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