Pedro Pedrosa

Wrong Choices

Pedro Pedrosa

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Wrong Choices

(Pedro Torres de Melo Pedrosa )

	  		Intro Am   G4    Em  

E                       G 
    Sometimes (in the late) night I can sleep 
D          A 
    So I wrote a song for you 
E             G 
    Sitting here only remembering... 
D                       A                Am     G4         Em   
    Specials moments that we lived together 

E G You were away for a long time D A But I (can) still hear your voice in my mind E G If I not with you I feel blind D A Am G4 Em I just wanna be with you Bm A Bm D Yes, we made wrong choices G Em but life teaches us to look ahead Bm A Bm D I never meant to hurt you G Em Never forget me I never forget you
Bm A G #m Solo A Em G D C9 A9 E Půs-solo C A E (2x)

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