Paul Thorn

Things Left Undone

Paul Thorn

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Things Left Undone

	  		                  G            C            G 
When your life is over, you're reaching the end 
                 D/F#                 G 
And the river of Jordan is around the bend 
            G                C               G 
Will you be counting all the trophies you've won 
                 D/F#                  G 
Or will you look back on things left undone 

Em C G When a stranger came knocking did you let him in Em C D/F# Was there food on your table for a down and out friend C D Em Did you hide in the shadows? Did you walk in the sun D/F# G Or do you regret the things left undone
Somebody you cared for broke your heart You let foolish pride, lord, keep you apart Why didn't you learn how to forgive someone So many years passed with things left undone Chorus

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