Paul Thorn

Mood Ring

Paul Thorn

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Mood Ring

	  		The C#7 is just a slide to the third fret while still 
in the Am7 fingering 

       Am7                      C#7                     Am7     C#7 
I know nothing? about this woman and everything I do is wrong 
    Am7                      C#7            Am7        C#7 
Sometimes it?s hard to fathom just what day she?s on 
         Am7                    C#7                    Am7    C#7 
I find a pretty little mood ring at the local five and dime 
           Am7                  C#7            Am7    C#7 
It?s gonna solve all my problems for a dollar 99 

            G                    D/F# 
If it turns black, I should turn back 
            C                     D 
If it turns red, she liked what I said 
            G                         D/F# 
If it turns blue, I should leave her alone 
            C                     D 
If it turns green, she wants me I know 
               Am7     C#7 
She wants me I know 

I followed the instructions, I read them word for word 
I memorized the color charts cause I wanted to be sure 
I told her, Baby it?s the thought that counts, when I slipped it on her hand 
Then I crossed my fingers, with this ring I?ll understand 


Em           C 
Whoa all the things she?s not saying  
     Em          C          D 
I?ll know as the colors are changing 


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