Paul Thorn

If I Can Get Over Her

Paul Thorn

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If I Can Get Over Her

Capo on 3rd fret

D                                   G 
I had a puppy love crush When I was ten years old 
D                                   G 
Her name was Lisa Janine She lived across the road 
D                                   G 
I caught her with a Cub Scout In a little blue hat 
D                                    G 
They were pushing each other On the swing out back 
D                        A 
I remember how it almost killed me 
D                        G 
How could she do me like that 
D                        A 
I never thought I'd be the same 
D                        G 
But now I look back and I laugh 

D            G    D 
If I can get over her  
D         G    D 
I can get over you 
D                G         D 
It's just gonna' take some time 
D                 A 
These things they always do 
D                     G          D 
Even though she left scars on my heart 
G                  D 
Time has healed the wounds 
D            G     D 
If I can get over her  
D         A    D 
I can get over you 

I took my high school sweetheart to the senior prom 
She went off to college and I stayed on the farm 
I had a broken heart and some fences to mend 
I knew I'd never hold her again 
But I saw her today in the paper 
Smiling in her wedding dress 
I sent her a card and a blender 
And I wished her all the best 

(Chrous Twice) 

This is from the live acoustic version.  I'm not positive about the G chord, I  
know he plays something barred around that fret on the top strings. If it's  
wrong let me know. Enjoy

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