Paul Thorn

I Have A Good Day

Paul Thorn

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I Have A Good Day

	  		Using barre chords sound best ? slide from the Bb to C also sounds great 

Bb  C   Bb  F 
Bb  C   Bb  F 

Bb    C                            F             Bb  C 
I was standing by the window in my boxer shorts 
C           F      Bb  C 
On a stormy night 
C                F     
Blind sided from out of nowhere  
Bb             C      Bb  C 
You said, ?Goodbye.?  
C                   Bb     F                  Bb  C 
But there?s a light at the end of the tunnel 
C                 F      Bb  C 
Time?s healing my heart 
C                   Bb  F 
Some days this deep cut just stops bleeding  
Bb                  C 
And there?s only a scar 

         F                      Gm 
I have a good day every now and then 
           C               F 
I count my blessing on one hand 
        F                             Gm  
I start believing the sun will shine again 
         C                      F 
I have a good day every now and then 

That guy you?re seeing is a pretty boy  
With a hard-bodied physique 
Armani suits, a black Mercedes 
And he?s younger than me 
I ain?t missed a day of work in two whole weeks now 
I didn?t drink last night 
I looked at your picture and shed just one tear  
Before I turned out the light 


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