Paul Thorn

Butter My Biscuit

Paul Thorn

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Butter My Biscuit

Capo on 1st fret

Authentic southern cookin is what you do the best 
Your Dixie fried recipes are better than the rest 
Your turnip greens and cornbread, they really hit the spot 
I?m crazy bout your taters and those big ole hams you got 
But dessert is the best part and I don?t ever miss it 
  A                          E                   A 
I never leave the table girl, till you butter my biscuit. 

One night I got hungry and you were not around 
So I went to a drive thru on the cheatin? side of town 
A lot was on the menu there was brunettes and blondes 
But they couldn?t hold a candle so I kept drivin on 
See artificial margarine ain?t ever gonna get it 
Cause I know I got the real thing girl, when you butter my biscuit 

When hunger pains come crashing down  
You get it hot and you spread it around 
You take off your apron and put away your skillet 
  B                    E                   A  
I always get satisfied, when you butter my biscuit. 

You love ?em when they?re home made, you like ?em from a can 
It don?t matter how I fix ?em, you say I?m still your man 
I know I?ve got a good thing, so I ain?t gonna risk it 
There?s nothing like the trill I get, when you butter my biscuit 


Oh I always get satisfied, when you butter my biscuit

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