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G  C  G 
Em C  G 

Verse 1:
G                                   C      G 
Well hes been collecting since the age of nine 
Em                      C         G 
Every shiny bullet that he could find 
G                               C       G 
Built himself a house with the wooden floors 
Em                           C         G 
Put the shiny bullets in a chest of drawers 

Verse 2: 

G                                 C          G 
Well his wifes long gone and the kids have grown 
Em                       C        G 
And trees they fall down on their own 
G                      C      G 
Memories fade like an old slideshow 
Em                                 C           G 
But the bullets still shine like coins in the snow 

Verse 3:
C             G            D    Em 
Well one day took himself into town 
C               G           D         Em 
The men with a truck well they came around 
C            G               D           Em 
Took the television and the gun from the war 
C                  G               D        Em 
And almost every bullet from the chest of drawers 

Verse 4:
G                                      C         G 
Well he came back home and found the house in a mess 
Em                            C          G 
Run into the bedroom and the old brown chest 
G                       C G 
Didnt care much for the VCR 
Em                                      C      G 
But he cried for the space where the bullets were 

Verse 5:
C                  G          D    Em 
The men drove the truck down into town 
C                  G     D         Em 
And sold all the silver they had found 
C                            G               D           Em 
But they couldnt sell the bullets cos they werent live rounds 
C                   G             D             Em 
So they dug a big hole put the bullets in the ground 

G  C  G 
Em C  G 
C  G  D  Em 
C  G  D  Em 

Verse 6:
C                         G          D Em 
Now he doesnt leave the house much anymore 
C                      G              D    Em 
Cos the men are gonna come like they did before 
C              G         D       Em 
And hell hold onto the three or four 
C                  G            D         Em 
Bullets that they left in the chest of drawers 
C                               G           D         Em 
Oh yeah the bullets that they left in the chest of drawers 

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