Parokya ni Edgar

Absorbing Man

Parokya ni Edgar

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Absorbing Man

	  		Intro: Dm - F - Bb - A -(4x); 

Verse I 
You can beat me up 
Call me names 
  Bb          A 
Still my ???? go insane 
        Dm              F 
I don't care if you rearrange my face 
        Bb    A 
I don't mind 
        Dm                   F 
You can burn my toys and the books i read 
Bb            A 
Still it won't matter to me 
Coz I'm one big gump  
I will swallow it up 
     Bb         A 
And smile, oh yeah 

       Bb-C       Dm        C       Bb 
Because I'm the incredible absorbing man 
    Bb-C      Dm     C      Bb 
And I'm gonna do the best I can 
         Bb            A  
'Til you find me understand 

Verse II 
(Do verse I chord pattern) 
I'm calm, i'm serene 
Not a word is getting through to me 
when you scream 
I'm a sponge, i soak it up 
All the crack you put me through 
Won't make me give up 

(Repeat Chorus repeating first 2 lines first) 

Bass slaping 

Adlib: Bb-C-Dm C Bb-(2x); 

(Do adlib chord pattern) 
I will never falter 
I will never quit 
You'll never find another 
(Repeat 4x) 

(Repeat Chorus) 

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