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by educastilho

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(Adam Young)

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Intro: A  Em G  D (2x) 


A                       Bm             G 
Through the glass in my bedroom window,  
In the bushes far below,  
A                       Bm             G 
I thought I saw an unfamiliar shadow,  
Among the ones I so clearly know.  


Em                          G                    A 
I've been sleeping with the nightlight unplugged,  
With a note on the rocking chair,  
Em                          G                   A 
That says I'm dreaming of the life I once loved,  
So wake me if you're out there.  

G A Living close to the ground, Bm E It's seventh heaven because there are angels all around, G A Among my frivolous thoughts, D G Em A I believe there are beautiful things seen by the astronauts. D G So wake me if you're out there!
(Repeat intro, verse, bridge and chorus) Bm A G I keep my knees black and blue 'cause they often hit the hardwood floor, A (Wake me if you're out there), Bm A G A And I believe, so I'm not praying to the ceiling anymore. (Repeat bridge, and then play the chorus TWICE) Outro: G A So if you're dying to see, A D G Em A D I guarantee there are angels around your vicinity

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