Orla Gartland

The Ground

Orla Gartland

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The Ground


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Intro Am F C G Am F C G e|-------3--------------------0-------1----0----x--10-------0------1---0----------| B|--3/5-----5\3--1------------1-------1----1----x--10-------1------1---1----------| G|-----------------2----------2-------2----0----x--12-------2------2---0----------| D|--------------------0-------2-------3----2----x--12-------2------3---2----------| A|-------------------------0--0-------3----3----x--10----0--0------3---3-----0--2-| E|---------------------------------1------------x--10-----------1---------0-------|
Am F C G Try your worst, 'cause i've heard it all Am F C G and just stuck on a brave face and tried to walk tall Am F C G and you can tell me that i've changed when you can look me in the eye Am F C G i've got tricks up my sleeveas I wave goodbye PRE-CHORUS F G I like to think that I am stronger now than I was before F G but now I'm having trouble showing you the door
Am F C G And ohhhh Am F C G i'm on my road Am F C G i've got my map in hand but I just don't know where I stand Am F C G and now I'm here picking my pieces off the ground
Am F C G we need to get the negativity slack and let the positivity back Am F F G I need a smile that isn't fake Am F C G but i'ma need your help for goodness' sake, Am F C G your help Am F I'm sick of being a drifter, C G being a floater, go-away-and-get-the-boat-er Am F C G no one wants you here, why can't you see Am F C G I was living life through someone else's eyes but now I'm finally back to me Am F C G (pre-chorus) (chorus) BRIDGE Am F G the ground you stand on Am F G the ground that looks you in the eye Am F G the ground you stand on Am F G the ground that you will just walk by (chorus)

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