Orla Gartland

Devil On My Shoulder

Orla Gartland

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Devil On My Shoulder


Verse 1:
Think I've had enough.. I must find my way, I'm falling off the 
F                                      G   
edge to find that I've gone blind you're 
leading me astray.. you haunt me like a  
G                                           F  
ghost, and that scares me the most 
Am B There you are the C devil on my shoulder Am B (bass note only) smiling as the C flames are growing colder F G C how can I believe in what I have? F G Am for a little confidence I?ll grab Am B (bass) C G F but when my hand goes out don?t take it G for I?m trying to make it C/G on my own
Verse 2 C/G I feel it in my bones any minute now F this train of thought will leave the station G my impatience, C/G will come out to play G F you?ve turned out to be, the only face I see (Chorus) Bridge: Am B C oooooooooooooooown Am B C running through the empty hallways i can tell that i am not alone Am B (bass) C you spin a web in every room and try to break the backbone that i?ve grown Am E will I make my own path, or wander where i?m F thrown Am E F will I make my own path, or wander where i'm thrown (Chorus)

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