Ol '55

On The Prowl

Ol '55

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On The Prowl

On The Prowl - OL ?55		Tabbed by Freezex 
Intro Riff (x 2) 
A(riff 1)				     A(riff 1) 
Well I?ve been waiting and its a Saturday night 
        D (riff 2)                                 A(riff 1) 
And I called up the boys,We?re going cruising tonight 
           E  (riff  3)                           A(Riff 4 ) 
There?s a party on and they say it?s gonna be alright 
We parked our customs ,on somebodys front lawn 
And me and the boys , we sneak in the back door 
We mingle in like we done it a million times before 
On the prowl..thats how we get our fun  
On the prowl..now don?t you tell my mom 
On the prowl..about the company I keep 
On the prowl..you know it ain?t so discreet 
E                                        A(Riff 4 ) 
Prowling with the boys on a Saturday night 
Well all was quiet until we turned off the lights 
And I heard some shouting someone started a fight 
When I struck a match, I nearly dieded of fright 
		    A  D  C  A		           A  D  C  A 
Know what I saw		          good golly grief 
I was looking at the police chief 
On the prowl.now I?d seen it all 
On the prowl. the policemans ball 
On the prowl.they were everywhere 
On the prowl.so I ran for the stairs 
Prowling with the boys on a Saturday night 
The lights came on........ but we were gone 
I made it to the door at half the speed of light 
Got to my car...................I nearly died, 
There was a policeman sitting smiling inside 
On the prowl I didn?t know what to say 
On the prowl you know that crime does not pay 
On the prowl I knew I was done 
On the prowl coz he was wearing a gun 
Prowling with the boys on a Saturday night 
On the prowl all the boys had gone 
On the prowl left me all alone 
On the prowl towed away my car 
On the prowl I should have stayed at home 
Prowling with the boys on a Saturday night 
Riff 1  (x 2)           Riff 2  (x 2)      Riff 3  (x 2)       Riff 4 (played on sax) 


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