Ocean Colour Scene

The Day We Caught The Train

Ocean Colour Scene

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by  LAVO

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The Day We Caught The Train

	  		Em                     D 
Never saw it as the start, 
Its more a change of heart. 
F5                                              E5 
Rappin on the windows, whizzin down the chimney pot. 
G                                        D 
Blowing up the dust in a room where I forgot. 
C                          B 
I laid my plans in solid rock. 
Em                                                       A 
Steppin through the door like a troubador while in just an hour away. 
Em                                                     A            
Lookin through the trees at the roadside feelin its a brighter day. 
D                    A7 
But you and I should ride the coast, 
Bm                  A/C#                      Em 
And wind up in our favourite coats just hours away. 
Roll a number, write another song, 
A                      N/C 
Like Jimmy heard the day he caught the train. 
 D      A 
Wo wo la la 
 G     Em 
Wo wo la la 
D       A 
Wo wo la la 
G      Em 
Wo wo laaa 
(Continue like so) 


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