Norah Jones

The pretiest thing Chords

Norah Jones

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by europeu

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The pretiest thing

  		Intro: Cmaj7 
The prettiest thing 
I ever did see 
    F                  Em       Dm 
Was lightning from the top of a cloud 
Moving through the dark a million miles an hour 
         F        G 
With somewhere to be 
So why does it seem 
Like a picture 
Hanging up on someone else's wall 
Lately I just haven't been myself at all 
It's heavy on my mind 
     Am  Bb    F    F4 F 
 I'm dreamin' again 
Am         Bb     F     F4 F 
 Like I've always been 
Am       Bb   F    F4 F 
 And way down low 
Am   G 
 I  still know 
The prettiest thing 
I ever did see 
Was dusty as the handle on the door 
Rusty as a nail stuck in the old pine floor 
Looks like home to me 
I'm dreamin' again 
Like I've always been 
And way down low 
Am       G                     Cmaj7   B7  Cmaj7 B7 ... 
 I'm thinkin' of the prettiest thing 


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